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Bete do Intercambiando

Traduzido por Mariana Schneider

If you want this poem in Portuguese, click here.


Each turn the clock hand gives 
It accelerates the pace of my life 
It shortens my story and anticipates my end
That has an appointment to arrive 
But I am unaware 
Each one of us is like a book 
Which keeps its own history 
With beginning, middle and ending 
Our body is just a house where the soul lives
And death is the last flight of our souls 
Which part no longer fits in this house 
As if to start a new story, a new book 
Every minute that passes can be all I have left to live 
But I waste time as if it were infinite 
I think, therefore I know there is a circumstance 
That life happens in a breath of God 
And the flame remains lit as long as we are alive 
Each person has a child trapped within themselves 
The child that we used to be never changes 
Our body is that get old around her 
I wanted to live my childhood all over again 
But the hourglass of time I can not turn
                           THE END
Elizabeth Jhin autora da Novela